Sheikh Zayed hospital building inaugurated


Kabul, 15 April 2017: H. E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Chief Executive Officer of the National Unity Government inaugurated Sheikh Zayed Hospital. Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz Minister of Public Health, Dr. Nasrin Oriakhel Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, Mr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Khawaja representative of the United Arabic Emirates and a number of MPs attended the opening ceremony of this health facility.

Sheikh Zayed Hospital, having 100 beds and built in two floors with the financial support of the Untied Arabic Emirates, enjoys various departments and facilities such as emergency, diagnostic, laboratory, X-ray, CT scan, operation theater, recovery, sterilization department, outpatient and inpatient area, store for medicine, medical and non-medical equipment, laundry, kitchen, maintenance, administration, waiting room, information, and Mosque.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the Government and people of Afghanistan, appreciated the donation of the Sheikh Zayed Charity Foundation and the United Arabic Emirates and expressed hope that the center will soon become a highly specialized hospital in the region.
The Chief Executive Officer said, “The National Unity Government is committed to the health sector to build specialized health services in order to improve the quality of health services and to supporting doctors to enhance their professional knowledge.”
Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health said, “Great opportunity has been forgotten for long enough time, there has been high demand for this hospital but it was inactive for more than 11 years and was turned into a deserted area. This not only caused resentment of donor but missed the opportunity to handover the center for utilization also. Ministry of Public Health once again expressed its commitment to the efficient use of national resources to improve the quality and quantity of health services for the people”.
Minister of Public Health said, “The hospital has been inactive because of some problems and defects in the design and lack of capacity in the Ministry of Public Health to deal with these problems.” He added, “to activate and standardize the hospital; the Ministry of Public Health has recently opened different wards at the hospital including Intensive Care Unit (ICU), maintenance, administration, waiting room, information, and Mosque. In addition, electrical system, water system and ventilation system have been repaired and green space and parking lot have been established too.  It is noteworthy that medical equipment and materials needed for the Operation Theater and anesthesia have been provided. The emergency ward and laboratory have been established and an X-ray machine, surgical sets, power generator that produces 60 kW power and an ambulance has been purchased and handed over to the hospital.”
Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health talked about the neuroscience department, which has been established at the hospital for the first time in Afghanistan and it was an urgent need for people of the country. A lot of people had to travel abroad for treatment and to some extent the center will help to prevent people going abroad for receiving treatment.
Annul records show that more than 70,000 cases of neurosurgery, 50,000 cases of stork, more than 1000 cases of brain tumor and 29,600 back operations have been recorded annually in Afghanistan.
Sheikh Zayed hospital was built with the financial support from the charity foundation of “Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan” which is based in Abu Dhabi, with a total cost of Four Million dollars. The contract for building the hospital has been signed with Al-Sharq Construction Company on 26 September 2006.  In the same year construction work actually began and in two stages the construction work was completed in 2010.
The leadership of the Ministry of Public Health is committed to provide quality health services, promoting access to health services in the country, establishing health centers and standardizing health facilities and hospitals to provide quality health care services and huge efforts have been made in the regards yet.

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