Refresher Training (Medical Ethics)

Academic Projects Afghanistan

Aga Khan University (APA-AKU)

MEP Department

Summary Report of Refresher Training (Medical Ethics)

25 Oct to 26 Oct 2016  

Malalai Maternity Hospital, National Training center

Health Promotion Directorate of Ministry Republic health

Training Department of Malalai maternity Hospital

With Technical and Financial Support of APA, AKU

  1- Introduction The summary report of the two days refresher training program in Medical Ethics, which was conducted by MPOH, Health Promotion directorate of MOPH and Academic Projects Aga Khan University Programs. This program was started from 25, Oct – 26thOct for 2 days with help of training department of Malalai Maternity hospital. kk

2- Background Conducting training to doctors midwives of Malalai hospital, to improve BCC, friendly care services and medical Ethics issue to implement such as this refresher training in each section of Malalai Hospital.   3- Goal To improve high quality care services according to health central hospital level, MOPH, with technical and financial help of APA, AKU to strengthen base on standard health implementation programs.   4- Objective The participants at end of this 2 days workshop will be able to: 1-     Introduction of counseling. 2-     Knowing the Methods of counseling 3-     Explain the methodology of GATHER. 4-     Deference of counseling and Interpersonal communication. 5-     Knowing the benefits of Breast feeding. 6-     Knowing the Methods of breast feeding. 7-     Mechanisms of production mother’s milk. 8-     Right and Wrong breast feeding positions. 9-     Factors of incorrect breast feeding positions. 10- Knowing the patients right and their responsibilities. 11- Introduction of Medical Ethics. 12- Relation of medics with thyself, patients, colleagues and community.   5- Time Table (Annex 1) From 1:30 pm to 03:30 pm 6- Participants (Annex 2) 38 participants attended from difference section of Malalai Hospital.

  1. 6 Doctors.
  2. 19 Midwives.
  3. 2 Clinical preceptors from GIHS.
  4. 8 midwifery Students from GIHS.
  5. 2 clinical supervisors from APA, AKU.
  6. 1 Midwifery education program Instructor.

7- Participants Attendance Sheet (Annex 3) 8- Trainers (Annex 4) Two trainers were introduced   from Health Promotion directorate of MoPH to implement the training.

  1. Dr. Razz Mohammad Khan: IEC Development Manage, Health Promotion Directorate, MoPH
  2. Dr. Ahmad Siyar Noormal: National FLE Consultant for Health Promotion Directorate, MoPH

9- Preparations Team of MEP department from APA, AKU were responsible to make coordination as per internal assessment result which was done in Malalai Hospital on 18, Jul, 2016. They started working with technical help of APA,AKU and Nursing department of  Malalai Hospital and Health promotion directory of  MoPH (Objectives ,presentations, lessons plans and schedule were shared  to trainers. 10- Program In starting trainer gives an overview of the two day program, highlighting points where sessions were particularly useful for participants or where there were difficulties/weak points in internal Assessment which was done in MMH and how these were addressed to be as objectives in this refresher training. When you able to facilitate high quality health support in MHH? Were any changes is necessary to do in health services? Give lecture for details of Principles of Counseling , GATHER methods, a successful counseling, patients right , responsibility of  health care providers  and as per objectives the program had fifth topics including presentations, role play, Participants take apart, Participants learned lessons like and their performance was coached by trainers and from trainer also have been given positive feedback to participants. all participants finished the 2 days refresher training course very eagerly.   11-Review training meeting At end of the training a short meeting was conducted with Health promotion directory trainer with APA, AKU midwifery education program staff, the agenda was below. 1-     Vote of thanks from coordination of  Health promotion Department ,MoPH 2-     Review topic of training. 3-     Effective of given presentations to participants and APA, AKU team take responsibility to fallow up in each unit of Malalai Maternity Hospital. 4-     Plan for Jan and Feb IPCC & BCC TOT training to GIHs and IHSs midwifery teachers.     Prepared by: Karima Hakimi Midwifery Education Program Instructor Academic Projects Afghanistan,Aga Khan University Programs

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